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IoT Infrastructure Relies on RFPs, New Survey Shows



A new survey of IoT executives that buy software, hardware, and connectivity to deploy connected devices shows that traditional request-for-proposal documents are fundamental to their procurement process.
The survey, conducted by the London-based trade group the IoT M2M Council (IMC), further shows that these executives are hungry for reference RFP documents that would show them what is needed for particular technology solutions, and for lists of vendors that comply with those RFPs. As part of a larger RFP programme, the IMC plans on rolling out its first such template RFP, specifically for IoT software platforms, in September.

With well over 100 executives responding to the survey, results included;

73% of self-identified IoT buyers polled said that generating an RFP/RFI was central to their procurement process.

100% of buyers said that they would find template RFP documents either "very" (67%) or "somewhat" (33%) useful - indicating that even those that didn't use formal RFPs would find the documents useful.

84% of buyers said that they would find general-purpose RFPs useful and they needn't be application specific.

87% of buyers said that they would find vendor reviews integrated into the RFPs to be useful.
The RPF programme has been developed for the IMC by Beecham Research, with input from major IoT software providers. 

You can find more information on the survey and the IMC's new RFP programme here


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