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New Research on M2M SES (Service Delivery Platforms)


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Beecham Research has just completed a 9-month multi-client study on M2M Service Enablement Services (SES), supported by many of the major mobile operator groups and suppliers in the M2M market. This is Beecham Research's second SES study, the first running from late 2009 through to mid 2010.

Terminology is an issue here. This could be called a study on Service Delivery Platforms, Connected Objects Infrastructure, Connectivity Management Services, or a variety of other terms, including M2M Platforms and M2M Cloud Platforms. SES are those services that sit above straight network connectivity but below end-user value added services that are horizontal in nature and can thus apply to all application sectors. These services have also been referred to as "middleware", but this is misleading, at it would imply a level of interoperability and standardisation that does not yet apply.

Strong revenue potential in prospect

This is a rapidly growing segment of the M2M market. As explained in our new M2M Blog (see details below), we have looked at over 50 platforms now being offered in the M2M market, up from about 20 in our last study only 18 months ago. This is by no means all of them and we know of several likely new entrants in the next few months. It covers well-known names such as Axeda, ILS Technology, Jasper Wireless, nPhase and Sierra Wireless, as well as many others.

Another measure of this market is growing sophistication. In our first study we identified 14 service groups with just over 50 service elements in the SES layer. Now we see over 20 service groups with more than 110 service elements. No company supplies all of these, so the question is: "What does the market really need both now and in the future?" Closely connected is the question: "Where is the money to be made?" That's partly what the latest study set out to discover.

In our first study, we surveyed 178 SES adopters, primarily in North America and Europe. In this current study, we surveyed 210 respondents in a quantitative survey and many more in qualitative interviews, in addition to interviews of market players – some interviewed several times. As a result, we've built up a useful market model that demonstrates the revenue potential in this market on its own, as well as the potential it provides for accelerating overall M2M market development.

We see the revenue opportunity for SES – small now in comparison with network revenue – growing at more than twice the rate of network revenue over the next few years. In doing so, it will also help to drive market development at the end user service level.

Where’s the growth coming from?

Our study focused on 7 key verticals – including Consumer Electronics, Energy, Healthcare and Transportation – to get a fix on the different support requirements and revenue prospects in each sector.

Other findings show where the growth in the SES market is coming from. This is not only from new adopters moving straight to an outsourced model; it also includes an expected move from in-house development to outsourcing among many of the established adopters in the market. The key questions with these are: "Under what circumstances will they move, who will they move to and why?" Not surprisingly, our findings suggest that established adopters that have already invested heavily in their in-house systems will likely take longer to move to an outsourced model, but that is by no means a general rule; considerable opportunities exist in all sectors, particularly in Consumer Electronics and Healthcare.

The study also confirmed the rapid move towards international coverage requirements over the next few years.

Some initial conclusions from the study:

• Without SES, M2M products/services take longer and cost more to get to market. In other words, SES rapidly pay for themselves;
• SES represent a significant revenue opportunity for MNOs, resellers and M2M suppliers; and
• SES will become a key differentiator in the M2M market.

The study is completed and we are now briefing clients. A report will follow shortly. For more information, please email us.

Robin Duke-Woolley
Beecham Research

Announcing m2mapps – First Global Network for M2M Goes Online

Munich, September 28, 2011 – GmbH today launched its global network for machine-to-machine (M2M) communication:, where companies can register free of charge, easily create company profiles and upload product and service information. As the first platform of its type, m2mapps serves as the central point of contact for companies around the world wishing to professionally market products and services from the M2M field. At the same time, users of M2M technology can quickly find the right offers for their projects thanks to systematic categorizations and advanced search functions. The platform also provides comprehensive insights into the M2M market thanks to exclusive interviews with top international experts. Additional market intelligence is provided in a blog from Beecham Research CEO and analyst Robin Duke-Woolley.

New Beecham Research M2M Blog at m2mapps

Please visit our new blog, found here. Our first entry asks the question - Why so many M2M Service Delivery Platforms?

M2M Zone Conference at CTIA Enterprise & Applications 2011

Wednesday, October 12, San Diego Convention Center 10:30am to 1:30pm

Beecham Research will be joined by M2M industry experts from AT&T, ILS Technology, Intel, KORE Telematics, nPhase, Quake Global , RACO Wireless and Telit Wireless Solutions in two panel sessions covering four key topics. Please join us! See website for more details.

Telit DevCon 2011

Monday, October 10, Hard Rock Hotel, San Diego

Beecham Research will also be speaking at Telit’s Developer Conference on October 10, featuring an excellent line-up of speakers. See website for more details.

M2M2.0 Executive Brainstorm: Rethinking M2M Economics: Service enablers for the connected home

Thursday 10th November 2011, Guoman Tower Hotel, London UK

We are very pleased to announce our new partnership with STL Partners to bring together a new, highly interactive format for M2M conferences. Produced by Beecham Research in partnership with business model innovation firm STL Partners, M2M 2.0 Executive Brainstorm explores M2M Service Enablers, M2M Business Models, and service enablers for the Connected Home. Building on the successful half day sessions in November 2010 and May 2011, this event will use STL’s interactive ‘Mindshare’ format and will be attended by senior representatives from telcos, application developers, hardware manufacturers and utilities and service providers to the connected home. See website for more details and registration.


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