5G Private Networks for Maritime Use: Opportunities for Digital Port Automation White Paper

A study conducted by Beecham Research on behalf of the MulteFire Alliance (MFA) confirms that 5G Private Networks (5G PNs) operating in unlicensed spectrum now offer significant opportunities for port automation in the Maritime sector.

Automation is key for ports to become more efficient, competitive and sustainable. The first step to implement automation is to determine what wireless technology should be the backbone of the network. The root of automation is the need for huge volumes of timely data, used to control and monitor all of the moving assets. The wireless technology chosen must provide that data reliably, cost-effectively and securely.

The enabling wireless technology is 5G NR (New Radio), which is the global standard for 5G networks. 5G NR-U, also part of the same 3GPP standard at Release 16 which was finalised in July 2020, enables the advanced features of 5G NR to operate in unlicensed spectrum. This combines the high performance and security benefits of 5G with the simplicity and low cost associated with Wi-Fi.

This whitepaper details the challenges ports face today, the benefits of automation and explains why 5G private networks are the best answer. It is a necessary read for the port industry and available for free download on the MFA website now.

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