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Succeed with IoT
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The ‘Succeed with IoT’ series of sponsored reports are available via free download from their own dedicated web pages for users of IoT solutions. This is a growing series of reports, with some focusing on issues relevant to all industry sectors in the IoT market while others aim for greater depth on individual sectors. We are grateful to our sponsors for making this possible.

The IoT is a rapidly-developing market where devices that can create data are connected via the Internet to servers where that data can be processed, distributed and used. This sounds simple but in spite of this overall success, for a variety of reasons there are increasing instances of individual IoT project failures.

The first report in the series ‘Why IoT Projects Fail, and What To Do About Them’ examines the key areas of past IoT project failures in order to learn from them. It includes both primary research (direct interviews and surveys) conducted by Beecham Research on the topic as well as referencing a wide range of other research. The second all sectors report in the series ‘How to Succeed with IoT’ includes even more new primary research conducted by Beecham Research, examining what to look for in successful IoT projects. These two reports together form the basis for other reports in the series.

This series of reports does not seek to set out ‘one best way’ towards building an IoT solution. Instead, it is intended to provide insights through primary research and from those involved in successful projects. Each report also provides detail on IoT applications, use cases and technical issues related to the report topic. As such, the series aims to provide a set of reference documents for those responsible for IoT projects within their companies or organizations – users of IoT solutions – created by an independent market analyst and consultancy that has specialised in the IoT for many years.

IoT is very important at the moment because it is strategic. In the industry in which we work, the raw materials for production are a critical element for us. The good use for this raw material is crucial and consequently we are trying to get some gains of productivity from these elements. We are also trying to make savings on our energy resources that impact the cost price of our products.

Global head of IT Architecture at Global Agro food company

Some IoT projects are successful, i.e. energy management, predictive maintenance and analytics, and we managed to make some savings. We learned a lot, and we understand better how networks function, the IoT ecosystem, and building contacts with solutions providers for our future IoT projects. In summary, we underestimated the complexity involved when deploying connectivity at scale; IoT projects are more challenging than expected and we need to prepare for it.

IoT Project Manager for European Logistics Service Provider

Why IoT Projects Fail

74% of companies consider their IoT projects to be unsuccessful. This 100+ page report is free to download. It is essential reading for anyone involved in building an IoT solution for their organization.

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How to Succeed with IoT

Soon there will be more cellular IoT devices connected to mobile networks than mobile handsets. IoT has moved from being ‘nice-to-have’ to a strategic necessity in enterprise operations. Yet only 12% of IoT projects are considered fully successful by their users. Is Your Project Successful? Are you looking to make improvements?

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Connecting Wireless Data: Deploying IoT Everywhere

The need to connect, deploy and secure IoT applications everywhere on the planet is putting greater emphasis on wireless connectivity of all types – including cellular, LoRa, satellite and Wi-Fi.

  • Are these competing or complementary?
  • Where does each connectivity fit in the overall IoT market?
  • To what extent are these connectivities converging, and is this a good thing?
  • What about IoT Security? How do you ensure IoT solutions and data can be trusted at scale?
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IoT at the Edge: Enabling the Real Time Enterprise

60% growth in Edge will transform IoT in enterprise operations.

  • What does this mean for enterprise use of IoT?
  • What does it mean for use of IoT connectivity?
  • What part does 5G play in this?
  • What does it mean for product designers of connected devices?
  • What does it mean for security of IoT solutions?
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4G/5G Private Networking: New Choices for IoT Deployment

Private cellular networks (PCNs) are set to become increasingly crucial for business IoT operations over the next few years. Gain unique insights from industry peers deploying 5G private networking through many new expert interviews and a user survey. Understand the role 5G private networks are playing in businesses, the challenges this is meeting, the business outcomes being seen and future trends being anticipated. This report is free to download.


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Improving Patient Outcomes with Connected Medical Devices

Gain insights from industry peers on the healthcare market landscape through over 20 expert interviews. Understand the role IoT is playing in healthcare businesses, the challenges being met, the business outcomes being seen and future trends being anticipated in this free report.

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Creating Business Value with Smart Industrial Processes

Can Industrial IoT really improve manufacturing operations? The key benefits are addressed in this new free 90+ page report through interviews, survey, use cases and much more across all key segments in manufacturing operations.

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Getting to Mass IoT Deployment: Challenges and Opportunities

How easy is it to move from a small IoT deployment to a large one? You may have a successful proof of concept project, but how best to grow that? In a recent survey by Beecham Research, 48% of respondents said that ‘Substantial Change’ is needed.

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IoT for Logistics: Managing Supply Chains Everywhere

Supply chains are vital for business yet under increasing pressure.
IoT has a major part to play in assisting with supply chain issues.
The IoT supported asset tracking market is expected to account for over 90% of all connected enterprise and industrial options by 2030.

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Wireless Private Networks for Business: Practical Steps Towards Deployment

  • Is private networking just for large companies?
  • When is cellular site coverage lower cost than Wi-Fi?
  • Can private networks help to address the DIGITAL DIVIDE of underserved communities and remote locations?

This new report examines these issues and looks at the practical steps towards deployment.

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Succeed with IoT in the news

Massive IoT (mIoT) is predicated on the ability to scale deployments into networks that comprise tens and even hundreds of millions of connected IoT…

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Data is central to IoT applications, and the insights derived from them.  New methods of data collection enable new insights for decision makers, aiming…

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