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World of IoT Map

Our World of IoT Sector Map, first introduced in 2008, has been translated into many languages worldwide as a reference document. Now updated for the market today, it shows the 9 key business sectors where IoT applications abound, the application groups and application types within those sectors, and the devices – or ‘Things’ – typically connected at the network edge through which IoT services are offered to the market.

Connecting Wireless Data

Deploying IoT Everywhere

The need to connect, deploy and secure IoT applications everywhere on the planet is putting greater emphasis on wireless connectivity of all types – including cellular, LoRa, satellite and Wi-Fi.

Are these competing or complementary?

Blog IoT Connectivity: Enabling Deployment Everywhere

No single technology addresses the diverse range of IoT use cases. There is no one size fits all.

Given the diversity of IoT deployments that isn’t possible. Instead for each technology there are various performance trade-offs such as range, power consumption and bandwidth.

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BR Insights Healthcare sector

Towards a continuum of healthcare across different care settings including general practice, acute care, community and social care, mental health, and hospice-based care. See the key healthcare sector challenges and how IoT is addressing these. Access current use cases via the interactive World of IoT map.

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The Intelligent Internet of Things
Blog The Intelligent Internet of Things

Silo solutions do not equate with one of the key benefits of insightful intelligence, the ability to share intelligence.

Intelligent infrastructure addresses those issues and constraints.

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BR Insights Industrial sector

Exploring key industrial sector challenges, how IoT is addressing these and access current use cases via the interactive World of IoT map.

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Blog Edge AI Chipsets: Intelligent Accelerators

Advances in chipset technology has enabled intelligence, the processing and analysis of raw data, to be provided in near real-time at the edge of the network.

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Webinar IoT at the Edge: Moving towards a Equipment-as-a-Service business model

IoT at the edge is enabling businesses to transition to new Equipment-as-a-Service (EaaS) revenue models and already creating strong competitive advantage for first-mover enterprises.

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Webinar Key Messages Delivering the Promise of IoT at the Edge with Out-of-the-Box Connectivity

The growth forecast is huge, CAGR is variously estimated to be between 40% and 60%. IoT at the Edge is a game changer.

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