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World of IoT Map

Our World of IoT Sector Map, first introduced in 2008, has been translated into many languages worldwide as a reference document. Now updated for the market today, it shows the 9 key business sectors where IoT applications abound, the application groups and application types within those sectors, and the devices – or ‘Things’ – typically connected at the network edge through which IoT services are offered to the market.

How to Measure IoT Success?

With IoT increasingly important to business operations, improving the success rate of IoT projects is crucial. Our 2020 report ‘Why IoT Projects Fail’ identified just 12% of IoT projects were viewed as fully successful.

  • How has this changed?
  • What are the challenges implementing IoT projects today?
  • How can IoT project success be measured?
Getting to Mass IoT Deployment

Challenges and Opportunities

How easy is it to move from a small IoT deployment to a large one? You may have a successful proof of concept project, but how best to grow that?

In our recent survey, 48% of respondents said that ‘Substantial Change’ is needed.

IoT for Logistics: Managing Supply Chains Everywhere

Supply chains are vital for business yet under increasing pressure. Cargo theft costs businesses and consumers USD 35 billion a year in the US alone. The IoT supported asset tracking market is expected to account for over 90% of all connected enterprise and industrial options by 2030. Get Free Report Here>>

Bluetooth and LoRa Combining for IoT Deployments: Challenges and Opportunities

Combining Bluetooth and LoRa for single IoT solutions is bringing automation and greatly enhanced efficiencies at low cost. Find out more with experts from MultiTech and Airgain.
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Extending Worldwide Cellular Connectivity with Scalable Trust

Cellular connectivity is being extended at scale to include the delivery of trust for IoT data. Scalable IoT Cybersecurity. How to build on the success of worldwide IoT cellular connectivity to deliver trusted data?
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IoT at the Edge: Enabling the Real Time Enterprise

Processing data at the edge enables local control and automation. IoT at the Edge will transform IoT in enterprise operations – towards the Real Time Enterprise.
IoT at the Edge represents a step change in IoT and is reinforced by the introduction of 5G.
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4G/5G Private Networking: New Choices for IoT Deployment

Private Cellular Networking is set to become a key element in the growth of IoT in the enterprise.
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• 16 use cases across different application areas.
• 17 senior level one-on-one interviews covering private networks, neutral host solutions, DAS solutions, CBRS deployments & Wi-Fi 6.

Blog Blockchain for Secure IoT Ecosystems

With blockchain IoT ecosystems can employ a network technology that is tamper proof, redundant and self-healing. It builds trust, reduces costs and accelerates transactions.

This is how it works

Blog Satellite IoT and LoRa: Enabling New IoT Application Opportunities

Data is central to IoT applications, and the insights derived from them. New methods of data collection enable new insights for decision makers, aiming for better and faster outcomes.

Satellite IoT enables applications that are not feasible with terrestrial IoT alone and is a topic to watch as new networks and applications are launched.

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Healthcare Sector
BR Insights Healthcare Sector

Towards a continuum of healthcare across different care settings including general practice, acute care, community and social care, mental health, and hospice-based care. See the key healthcare sector challenges and how IoT is addressing these. Access current use cases via the interactive World of IoT map.

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Blog Deploying Massive IoT for Smart Cities

Cellular and LoRaWAN wireless technologies are being leveraged to connect and improve infrastructure, efficiency, convenience and quality of life for residents and visitors alike.

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Blog IoT Connectivity: Enabling Deployment Everywhere

No single technology addresses the diverse range of IoT use cases. There is no one size fits all.

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BR Insights Industrial Sector

Exploring key industrial sector challenges, how IoT is addressing these and access current use cases via the interactive World of IoT map.

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Webinar The Intelligent Internet of Things

Silo solutions do not equate with one of the key benefits of insightful intelligence, the ability to share intelligence.

Intelligent infrastructure addresses this.

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