Deploying Private Cellular Networks: Extending Beyond the Campus

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Private Cellular Networks are now destined to be at the heart of enterprise IoT deployments both on and off site, particularly as 5G technologies roll out. IoT applications are becoming increasingly business-critical, with PCNs leading the charge to support this growing need. Such activities are often required to extend beyond the private campus, but the connectivity must then be managed across private and public networks as one unified network.

Join us to discuss how this can be achieved with Pod Group – the world’s first ENO (Enterprise Network Operator) – together with new parent and leading SIM provider Giesecke+Devrient:

  • How do you put IoT network ownership into the hands of the enterprise?
  • Where does Wi-Fi, including Wi-Fi 6, fit in all of this?
  • Is network virtualisation an essential requirement for private networking?
  • How do you ensure interoperability on-site and off-site?
  • Why does eSIM have a big part to play in this?

These and other key issues will be explored in this timely event – providing answers for enterprises planning their deployment of private networking to meet their business objectives.

To accompany this online video discussion, read the detailed 100+ page report 4G/5G Private Networking: New Choices for IoT Deployment, available here via free download.

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