Smart Farming:

The sustainable way to food

Smart farming and food production must accelerate rapidly to keep pace with population growth. Our new, comprehensive report, highlights the importance of harnessing new technologies to address this vital need for sustainable food production. Offering invaluable insights into the future of smart farming to strategic planning and technology staff including mobile network operators and connectivity providers, sensor manufacturers and software developers specialising in agricultural solutions, this latest report from Beecham Research explores the challenges, approaches and opportunities.


Beecham Snaps

  • Smart Home Market 2016


    Press Release

  • Global Cellular IoT Connectivity Market 2016


    Press Release

  • Beecham Research urges industry to ’get real’ about IoT predictions


    Press Release

  • Beecham Research's IoT Threat Map


    Press Release

IoT Pilot - A new IoT platform matching tool

With over 400 IoT platforms on the market and still growing quickly, Beecham Research with our partner IoT Global Network have launched IoT Pilot the first fully-independent online tool to match adopter needs with IoT platform capabilities.

M2M/IoT Sector Map

Beecham Research`s Sector Map shows segmentation of the M2M Market, defining 9 key Service Sectors. Free download here.

Wearable Technology Application Chart

Beecham Research`s Wearable Technology Application Chart. Free Powerpoint version here. . . . . Plus, see video interview of Robin Duke-Woolley, CEO of Beecham Research, on future of Wearables - at this link.

Global Cellular IoT Connectivity Market 2016

This study provides a quantitative assessment of the cellular IoT connectivity market globally. Cellular IoT Connectivity is defined as 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G IoT Connectivity. Those forms of connectivity are put into the context of a wider set of wide area network connectivity solutions in the IoT.

Wearable Technology in Public Safety - The Dominant Role of Bodyworn Cameras

Police forces from LA and London to Moscow and Sydney are accelerating the use of body-worn cameras with over 1 million in use by 2021. At the same time we’re seeing new applications for body-worn cameras including use by prison officers, border control staff, private security companies, paramedics and more. Click here to find out more!

Benefits of GSMA Embedded SIM Specification for the Utilities Sector

Highlighting the importance of the GSMA Embedded SIM Specification and eUICC to the future of the utilities sector, this in-depth report aims to encourage utilities companies to explore how the GSMA Embedded SIM Specification and eUICC can deliver numerous benefits to different industry use cases such as smart metering, demand response, energy data management and distributed energy resource management.

Augmented Reality and Wearable Devices - A new Operational Tool For Enterprise

While much of the hype around augmented reality (AR) and wearable devices has been focused on consumer technology, this new report from Beecham Research suggests that it will be business applications that drive growth over the next five years.

The report points to manufacturing, logistics, healthcare and retail as some of the most dynamic markets, where AR offers a new way for people to interact with information hands-free, to provide a greater depth of control and access to knowledge.

Enabling the Smart Agriculture Revolution - The Future of Farming through the IoT Perspective

The number of applications for smart farming is growing rapidly, including: yield measurement and quota systems, plant and livestock disease monitoring, remote machine control and diagnostics, greenhouse management, virtual fencing and livestock biology monitoring. And for areas such as high value crop and precision livestock farming, smart fishing and aquaculture, smart technology is helping to increase production efficiencies and generate higher profit margins.

An Introduction to LPWA Public Service Categories: Matching Services to IoT Applications

This report describes the Service Attributes we believe enterprise users will be looking for from LPWA Service Providers in order to enable the applications they wish to implement.

IoT Security Threat Map

Beecham Research's IoT Security Threat Map provides a graphical view of attacks and essential defenses for IoT applications. Click here for a free downloadable 300dpi version of the threat map and summary information. Click here to read the press release.


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