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Beecham Research Limited (BRL) is a technology market research, analysis and consulting firm established in 1991. We have specialised in the growing M2M (machine-to-machine) and IoT (Internet of Things) market since 2001. Other terms used to describe this market include: Connected Devices; Embedded Connectivity, Embedded Intelligence; Industrial Internet; Internet of Everything; Remote Asset Management; Pervasive Computing; Pervasive Internet. We work in both business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) markets (and B2B2C, etc.) covering cellular, fixed line, satellite and short range wireless connectivity.

We also engage in projects to design, develop and bring to market new connected product ideas, with skills especially suited for Wearable Technology initiatives. Other specialisms include Cloud Services and Solution Security. Through our sister company Beecham Technology Partners Limited (BTP), we also support merger and acquisition activity.

The management of BRL is well known and has provided consulting and research services for many of the leading telecos, suppliers, resellers and trade associations. We frequently participate in conferences and organize our own events with partners.

Beecham Clips is a new and growing collection of videos that includes our latest video, a 2-part interview with Vodafone on M2M.

Beecham Snaps

  • Connecting the Large Cycling Market: The Embryonic Market of Connected Bikes


    Snaps #66

  • Wearable Tech Market Could Triple Forecasts


  • Towards Smart Living Spaces, from Cities to Rural Villages


    Snaps #65

  • Acquisition Games in Virtual Reality


    Snaps #64

Wearable Technology Application Chart

Beecham Research`s Wearable Technology Application Chart, created in partnership with Wearable Technologies Group. Download free Powerpoint version here.

M2M/IoT Sector Map

Beecham Research`s Sector Map shows segmentation of the M2M Market in semi-circular format, including 9 key Service Sectors. Free download here.

Wearable Technology -- the Fashion Tech Era: Towards a Multidisciplinary Approach

New Report! Innovative report from Beecham Research on Wearable Technology, featuring eight key market sectors, five key enabling technologies, and a forecast methodology organized around who will buy products and services and why, including extensive fashion-industry profiles to answer questions supplemental to traditional technology-led analysis. See additional information here.

Beecham Research's Blog at m2mapps

LTE and Internet of Things: Moving Closer Together?

When considering cellular connectivity, M2M has always been mainly about using low data rates. The aim for M2M solution designers has been to get the required information from a remote device using the least amount of bandwidth feasible for the job. Now that is beginning to change, but not in a uniform way. So why the interest in a high data rate technology like LTE? >>MORE>>

Issues and Business Opportunities in Security for M2M Solutions

Achieving M2M solution security is not just desirable; it’s also absolutely necessary, but at what cost?

This new report just issued by Beecham Research provides a comprehensive examination of the challenges and opportunities in M2M solution security.

More information

Listen to lead author Professor Jon Howes in a ContraRISK interview (podcast 0023: M2M and malware detection) here.

Smart Parking: Towards Building Smarter Cities

Smart parking is a new M2M/Internet of Things application, part of the emergence of Smart Cities. This new report looks at the issues -- technical and non-technical -- and opportunities associated with smart parking, even as trials proceed in many places.

More information


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