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Beecham Research Limited (BRL) is a leading technology market research, analysis and consulting firm established in 1991. We have specialized in the development of the rapidly-growing M2M (machine-to-machine) and Internet of Things market worldwide for well over a decade, since 2001. We are internationally recognised as thought leaders in this market and have deep knowledge of the market dynamics at every level in the value chain. As a result, our clients come from all parts of the value chain including components and hardware, networks and connectivity (cellular, fixed, satellite, short/long range), system integration, application development, distribution and enterprise adoption in both B2B and B2C markets. We are experts in M2M/IoT services and platforms and also in IoT solution security, where we have extensive technical knowledge. We are also the leading analysts in satellite M2M. In addition, we see Wearable Technology as a key part of bringing the individual closer to the Internet of Things and this is also a primary area of activity for us. Through our sister company Beecham Technology Partners Limited (BTP), we also support merger and acquisition activity.

The management of BRL is well known and has provided consulting and research services for many of the leading telcos, suppliers, resellers, media and trade associations. We frequently participate in conferences and organize our own events with partners.

Beecham Clips is a new and growing collection of videos that includes our latest video, an interview with KORE about the IMC.

Beecham Snaps

  • 1 Billion Cellular M2M Connections by 2020


    Press Release

  • IoT Security a Big Value-add Opportunity, not a Cost


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  • Farming Industry Must Embrace the Internet of Things Vision


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  • Beecham Research in the News


Wearable Technology Application Chart

Beecham Research`s Wearable Technology Application Chart, created in partnership with Wearable Technologies Group. Download free Powerpoint version here. . . . . Plus, see video interview of Robin Duke-Woolley, CEO of Beecham Research, on future of Wearables - at this link.

M2M/IoT Sector Map

Beecham Research`s Sector Map shows segmentation of the M2M Market in semi-circular format, including 9 key Service Sectors. Free download here.

Beecham Research Issues Three New Reports

Global M2M Connectivity and Services Forecast provides our latest worldwide market forecasts for M2M services

A new chapter in Beecham Research's groundbreaking M2M/IoT platform studies opens with the publication of
The Evolution of Service Enablement Services (SES) Platforms in an IoT Environment
, which summarizes the first phase of a major on-going three-phase multi-client study.

Towards Smart Farming: Agriculture Embracing the IoT Vision reviews the rapidly emerging worldwide adoption of IoT in agriculture.

These reports are now available for purchase (additional information can be accessed at the above links).

IoT Security Study Initial Report

Are we ready for billions of connected devices? This report explains why we are not and why the proposed numbers of billions of connected devices cannot possibly be secure using today’s IoT solutions. The potential damage to people, possessions, businesses and national critical infrastructure from a successful attack on cyber-physical systems through the rapidly emerging Internet of Things (IoT) cannot be underestimated, according to this new study by Beecham Research.

For more information on this study and the initial report, click here.

Wearable Technology -- the Fashion Tech Era: Towards a Multidisciplinary Approach

New Report! Innovative report from Beecham Research on Wearable Technology, featuring eight key market sectors, five key enabling technologies, and a forecast methodology organized around who will buy products and services and why, including extensive fashion-industry profiles to answer questions supplemental to traditional technology-led analysis. See additional information here.

Beecham Research's Blog at m2mapps

What Do M2M Users Really Want? -- IMC Survey

We have been working with the IMC – International M2M Council – on a large survey of adopter members which has just been published. The findings from this are revealing and help to confirm important trends going on in the M2M market that we have also measured elsewhere in other research activities and survey work.

A great deal of effort in the survey went into isolating true adopters – those who are actually using m2m solutions in their businesses rather than selling them or just talking about them. The aim was to look at the size of their deployments now and in the future, what connectivity they use now and expect to use in the future, what these solutions are used for and how important they are to their business. >>MORE>>


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