Delivering the Promise of IoT at the Edge with Out-of-the-Box Connectivity

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IoT at the Edge is now set to become the new norm for IoT deployments. Faster processing and application response times, with higher levels of security, greater power efficiency and all at lower connectivity cost. What’s not to like. But are you ready for it?

Watch partners Kigen, Sierra Wireless and Sony Semiconductor discuss how out-of-the-box connectivity is being simplified to deliver IoT at the Edge – including chipsets, cellular modules, eSIM/iSIM technology and LPWAN connectivity services. This will examine how:

  • processing IoT data at the edge reduces network communication
  • cloud analysis performance and accuracy are improved
  • LPWAN is becoming an essential ingredient for implementing the edge/cloud model
  • securing data at source and in motion from chip to cloud is a must have
  • eSIM and iSIM are enhancing product innovation/development opportunities
  • enhanced cellular modules and related connectivity services are delivering all of this

These and other key issues will be explored in this unique event bringing three leaders in their fields together – providing answers to delivering on the promise of IoT at the Edge and featuring case studies illustrating the essential benefits.

To accompany this online video discussion, read the detailed 100+ page report IoT at the Edge: Enabling the Real Time Enterprise, available here via free download.

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