Connected Energy Sector Chart

In this chart, the inner layer highlights the 6 key segments of operational activity within the energy sector. The middle layer then indicates the types of activities those are in each of the segments. The outer layer then shows examples of the IoT applications used for those types of activities. As a result, the chart provides a cross-reference between operational activities in the energy sector and related IoT applications.

The demand of energy is increasing. The pressure of having sustainable energy sources and energy networks able to optimize the process of energy delivery is also rising. The Internet of Things can help the utility sector to face those challenges by bringing the smart grid, the intelligent management of energy production, and intelligent solutions for consumption by business and residential users.

Smarter networks are needed to meet the challenge of balancing the security of energy supplies with the commitment to lower carbon emissions. Networks will have to connect to new sources of low carbon and renewables; this will necessitate new and more efficient approaches to network management through improved communications technologies, automation and data monitoring: in other words, towards a more intelligent grid. IoT has a major part to play in this transformation.